Google Likes Video on Websites

Google in one of the best search engines on the internet today. People all around the world are familiar with this search engine due to the vast number of features that it provides along with the unbending quality. Google likes websites which post videos. This is because video additions are one of the latest techniques of online marketing and web design Toronto. Small business marketing consultant uses videos on your website; you are at an advantage with Google.

The advantage here is that the Google ranking of your website will increase.

Google is particular about the quality provided by your website. To ensure the top quality, information is given to the browsers. Google scrutinizes all the websites on a regular basis. During this quality check, if the content on your website is good, Google will push up your ranking. Thus, videos are very much useful in the process of search engine optimization.

As a part of Toronto web design, the small business marketing consultant can make use of video blogs.

A video blog is now known as vlog, new term coined for blogs made with videos. This is a very powerful tool for business turnaround as blogging is one of the most popular methods of communication between the website owner and the browser. Previously, blogs were available only in text and picture formats. However, with the availability of dual speed internet video blogs are very much in use now. This is also because of the people who have shed their inhibitions of not being seen in front of many people. Thus, the small business marketing consultant capitalizes on this advantage of vlogging.

Another benefit that you get by the use of videos is that it is as economic as the normal written information.

The uploading of videos does not charge a high amount and thus it enables any website to make use of this feature. For the Google, the administrative process with the videos has become easy. With the written information, long hours were spent reading the information and ensuring the quality. However, Google finds it much easier and time saving to go through a video and assess the quality of the content. Therefore, it is another factor which makes Google like videos.

While search engine optimization is important, the video production should be taken care of with respect to quality.

Google looks at the quality of video and the content in it while assessing the quality for ranking. As a tip, the small business marketing consultant can put up a description for every video that he uploads on your website. This description is important in two aspects: Drawing the attention of the customer to certain keywords that he is looking for.

Time saving as the description tells the customer what he can expect from the video: This prevents him from wasting time on an unnecessary video.

These small features provide user-friendliness to the customers and are also liked by Google. Thus, websites can very much make use of videos for better web design.

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