The Making of the Marketing and Advertising Campaign

A new product has been developed at a manufacturing unit and they are pleased with the result. However, before presenting it to the public the ad agency Toronto is called for a meeting. Presenting their labor of love to the ad agency Toronto is the first step. Speaking about the product in vivid detail as to what goes into the making of the item and the process is highlighted. Once the details are highlighted the ad agency Toronto takes over. The advertising agency then collates information by conducting research about the company and the brand. Once the process is approved by the senior management of the agency and with a firm agreement in place between the agency and client, the process takes shape.

The client servicing professional who has been presented with the workings of the product debriefs the entire team at the ad agency Toronto. They discuss options and thrash things out in the conference room and when all the details have been ironed work takes over. It doesn’t end here for the client servicing professional, because he is the point of contact with the client. It is his prerogative to inform his company in depth and once the entire theme has been completed he presents this to the senior team at the ad agency Toronto. Most often people presume that the role of a client servicing executive ends when the deal has been signed on, but that isn’t the case. Every professional has a role to play and their acts are phased out in varied patterns.

The account manager from the ad agency Toronto interfaces with the creative team that comprises of specialists in graphic design, art direction, film design and scripting, copywriting, occasional computer programming and a lot more. Research is imperative and advertising agencies use the service of research agencies that check out the competition of the client and analyze the market situation. They also follow the campaign of the advertising agency to gauge the public appeal. The media planner works on the strategy of the advertising campaign ensuring that the best possible deal is obtained for a havoc product/service launch. Understanding the nuances of various media in the public domain is the role of the planner. Creating brand building and brand consciousness amongst the masses ensuring a win approach is the foremost objective for every ad agency Toronto.

The general perception is that advertising folk work overtime.

That is a given of course since the mind set of everyone is the need to get the job done yesterday. With this being foremost in the minds of every person working on a new campaign or client, the entire team comes together to ensure that they deliver a topnotch catchy advert by the ad agency Toronto. A disconnect cannot occur among team members because at the end of the day the client is always right and ensuring that his needs are always met is the foremost in the minds of the ad agency Toronto. No compromising on quality, because there are many players who can make a pitch and walk away with the prized deal. Team work always works in the long run and for the advertising agency it is all there for everyone to see. A bad campaign is evident for all and sundry but a superb advertisement or campaign by the ad agency Toronto gets noticed for years on end.