CAN Fund partnered with Ad Army Group to interview some of Canada's established and up-and-coming athletes.
Video Production for CAN Fund Video Production


CANFUND is a supportive organization for Canada’s young athletes. Canadian Athletes Now, provides for the training and support of many young athletes who strive to reach the goal that they have set both personally, and in the sports that they love. The organization supports all kinds of athletes, including Olympic Gold Medalist Rosie MacLennan of the London 2012 Summer Olympics. In addition to the financial support, that CANFUND provides to its sponsored athletes, there is a wide variety of other supportive activates that they provide to the athletes. CAN FUND takes time to get to know each athlete that they sponsor and works with them to help those athletes reach the goals they have set and the dreams that they aspire to. CANFUND has a very important job to do for Canada’s athletes, and they have engaged the services of a premier Toronto video production service AdArmyGroup to help them get it done, because they know what it’s like to work with the best.

As a top-quality Toronto video production service as well as a boutique advertising agency AdArmyGroup was able effectively to fulfill the needs of the Canadian Athletes Now organization. They were able to provide them with a web video expresses the needs of this fine organization to garner the financial support it needs to continue to support Canada’s future athletes.

When CANFUND needed to get their message out, they knew they needed to turn to a Toronto video production service that was not only talented, but preferably associated with a boutique advertising agency that was going to provide a personal service and dedication to their needs. They wanted to create a web video that would help them get the message out to the masses in an effective and memorable way but also within a reasonable budget. They chose to do business with AdArmyGroup because Paul Cookson, and his fellow team members, were able to give them a brief video that accurately conveyed the message they needed to get out in a way that connected with the viewer in a productive way. Working with CANFUND and with RosieMacLennan, AdArmyGroup was able to provide a concise video that is connective and effective while maintain the limits of the budget the organization had. This video is a fine example of what a boutique advertising agency can do for a client.

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