Marketing Analysis of Your Business

One of the most important parts of any new marketing and branding campaign is the initial marketing analysis that gets the effort off the ground. Typically conducted by the firm hired to help the company unleash its new and improved message, the marketing analysis serves a few crucial purposes that can help to create a stronger message, reach more consumers, and communicate with a new demographic that will be cost effective and beneficial to the company for the long-term. For this reason, the best marketing companies around the world always start off with a marketing analysis report that provides a clearer sense of direction over the course of their work with a client.

For those companies considering a big change to their marketing materials, it's worth considering exactly what a marketing analysis consists of and why it's so absolutely essential to the course of a new campaign. There are a few major components and benefits that can be derived from this type of analysis by companies of all sizes.

Eliminate Waste Circulation

Many companies are spending money on media purchases that are not efficient and that quite frankly waste money. A marketing expert can help eliminate the purchase of wasteful media and get a company into advertising vehicles that are cost effective, efficient and that over the long haul with get the phone ringing.

An Examination of Current Marketing Procedures

One of the first things that a marketing analysis does is take a look at the existing marketing campaign being executed by the client. Though many companies pursue a new marketing campaign with the hope of completely overhauling their message and making sweeping changes, the truth is that it's often not necessary or advisable to do so. That's because most marketing campaigns have a number of successes, even though they often have room for improvement. A marketing analysis will start by looking at an existing marketing campaign and determining which elements of that campaign are working as they should be. The marketing analysis will highlight these successes and advise carrying them over into a new campaign.

In the search for past successes or areas of opportunity, the market analysis will cover every single component of a company's marketing strategy individually. Each component will be scrutinized and a marketing professional will look for any possible improvements. It's likely that they will find some areas where modification is not necessary. Other areas, though, will require everything form small adjustments to big overhauls. This case-by-case marketing analysis is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive ways to strengthen a company's marketing position.

Usually, the marketing analysis points to excellent print materials, great copy online or off, or even strong keywords for online searches, that are already working well for the company. Areas of opportunity are highlighted next, and the marketing analysis moves beyond what the company has already done. A crucial part of the marketing analysis involves highlighting areas of improvement and future opportunities within the company's niche.

A Recommendation of Improvements and Changes for Better Impact

The next component of a marketing analysis, and perhaps its most central element, focuses on the opportunities that await a client if they make a few key changes to their campaign. This recommendation is based not only on a marketing analysis of previous successes and failures, but also on an in-depth consultation with the client that focuses on their unique needs and market perspectives. The first draft of a marketing analysis will focus on a blend of old tactics and new ideas, offering better keywords, new print materials, new overall strategies within the niche, and other ways of improving the company's position.

This first draft of the marketing analysis is a point of conversation, debate, and discussion, between a company and their marketing consultant. This is the time when companies begin to voice their own concerns, offer their input, and determine which adjustments to their strategy are most comfortable and compatible with their overall mission. Changes will certainly be made to the marketing analysis over time, and most companies will go through at least one or two additional drafts before they adopt a new slate of materials. At the end of the market analysis process, companies will often find new strategies designed to deal with a long list of concerns, including:

  • sales strategy
  • offers
  • message
  • media execution
  • media strategy
  • Marketing copy
  • Targeted keywords for search engine users
  • Search engine marketing refinements
  • Paid advertisement and search listing strategies
  • Landing page overhauls and conversion enhancement
  • Media diversification, including the use of print, web, radio, television, and more
  • A clearer sense of market demographics and how to target them
  • The impact of SEO on marketing and how to accommodate new algorithms
  • The impact of company visuals, including site designs and logos
  • Improvements to website intuitiveness and customer flow
  • Improved implementation of analytics and company-operated marketing analysis tools
  • Plans for long-term viability and refinement of a new marketing strategy

A Blueprint for a Long-Lasting, Successful Marketing Campaign

The final result produced by a great marketing analysis is a revised marketing campaign that can meet the current needs of the company and grow with it over time. A marketing analysis should be designed to grow within emerging fields, whether it's search engine marketing, social media outreach, blogging and guest posts, or some other form of effective promotion.

At the conclusion of the process, companies of all sizes will have the tools and approaches needed to reach their target audience, and perhaps expand into a new demographic, using a wide range of tools that align with current best practices and industry standards. It's an absolutely essential way to ensure that conversion rates don't stagnate, and to make sure that a company's overall market impact never contracts.

Marketing Expert Paul Cookson Can Help With Marketing Analysis Needs

Those companies that are serious about making a major change to their marketing approach in an effort to embrace new technologies, reach out to new customers, and create a long-term road map for success, have a really great choice in Toronto marketing expert Paul Cookson. Long one of the foremost experts in marketing, Cookson brings his unique brand of marketing expertise to companies as diverse as Toyota, Toshiba, and Canadian Tire. He's even worked with professional athletes and others who need a strong, personal presence online in order to drive their careers forward.

This divers record of success bodes well for companies seeking a marketing analysis that can produce real results. Cookson's experience isn't just in online site design and marketing. Indeed, his work extends to print materials, retail design, promotional videos, and a wide range of other media that can really help businesses connect with their customers in a new way. Part of his marketing analysis procedure is to identify which of these mediums will be most effective for companies that value a more interactive, cutting-edge approach to customer outreach and product promotion.

With a long list of successful clients and a Toronto advertising firm that is growing by leaps and bound each year, business owners of all types can benefit from a strong Ad Army Group marketing analysis. The process is easy to start, and it takes just a few moments to give the agency a call and arrange for a consultation. The results are indisputable, having been transformative for major automakers, technology companies, and even some of Canada's best homegrown businesses that stretch from coast to coast.

The Time to Get Started with a Marketing Analysis is Right Now

The marketing field is changing at an accelerated rate in the 21st century, driven by developments on social media websites, major search engines, and viral video indexes like YouTube, Vimeo, and others. Many companies are not yet equipped to fully embrace these changes in how digital marketing is done, and they need a solid strategy that will help them diversify their campaigns, move into digital while maintaining print materials, and connect with entirely new demographics that have come of age via the Internet.

That's where a Cookson-driven marketing analysis procedure becomes absolutely essential. Paul Cookson, and the team of marketing experts at Ad Army Group, have experience in creating just the right blend of print, video, and online marketing materials for companies of all types and sizes. Their portfolio is large and growing, and it's among the best of any firm in Toronto or all of Canada.

To get started with a fresh new take on marketing, be sure to give the company a call and schedule a time to begin a full marketing analysis. The process is among the most educational and informational ways for companies to learn about new marketing approaches, the unique way that search engines, social networks, and keywords are changing the game, and how to embrace those things to build a business into a stronger competitor and a more familiar presence throughout Canada and abroad.

Call Right Away to Schedule a Marketing Analysis

Businesses have no time to waste. A marketing analysis can propel them ahead of their closest competitors and into an entirely new level of profitability and market reach. Companies looking for a way to strengthen their position and broaden their appeal among new demographic groups owe it to themselves to pick up the phone, give Ad Army Group a call, and schedule a marketing analysis that will transform the way they do business. It takes jut a few moments, but the benefits can last for years to come. Call 416-286-2860.