Professional Event Photography in Toronto

You may take posed photographs for the About Us page of your website and various advertising purposes, but sometimes you want live shots of company events that have not been staged and posed. You want to give potential clients and business partners a glimpse into the heart of your business. Event photography planned and coordinated by a marketing consultant is the best way to allow those outside of your company to peek inside so they want to sign up for your services, buy your products, or become a member of your team.

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The Event Photography Process

  1. Strategize with Your Marketing Consultant -Paul Cookson, Marketing Expert

    Paul Cookson will meet with your company to determine the marketing strategy for your upcoming event. Strategy sessions are designed to generate goals for an upcoming event photography session. Those goals will dictate what types of images are taken on the day of the event and how your marketing consultant uses those images after the event.

    This is where business event photography differs significantly from personal event photography. An event photographer in Scarborough covering a wedding may show up and capture as many moments as possible without much of a plan. A marketing consultant must plan ahead to make sure the Scarborough event photographer captures images that are relevant to the marketing goals of your company.

  2. Prepare for the Upcoming Event

    As you setup for your event, attention should be given to the placement of products and other branding tools. For instance, you may need to place a large banner with your company logo near the entrance of your store opening so your event photographer can capture images of prominent guests standing in front of the logo.

    Later when Paul Cookson, marketing expert, uses those images to announce the attendance of those prominent guests through social media, he will have the option of using the images without directly stating the name of your company. The logo will reach out to your target market even if the image goes viral and is passed around without any other branding information.

  3. Enjoy Your Event

    Once your event starts, your job is to enjoy yourself while trusting Paul Cookson and the event photographers to capture the right moments. You may have to be mindful of small issues during the event, such as setting products down on the right tables during a presentation so your event photographer can grab shots that were discussed during your strategy sessions.

  4. Use Your Images to Promote Your Business

    This is the most exciting phase of every event photography session. There will always be small details that you miss, and it is difficult to understand how amazing certain moments are when you are in the middle of them. Paul Cookson, marketing expert, will help you select the best images for placement on your website, various social media accounts, and in various other advertising efforts.

    This is where images are perfected and your marketing consultant determines how to utilize all images so your business benefits as much as possible. The images can be used for marketing online as well as offline.

Event photography is literally photography taken at an event. A marketing consultant may advise you to invite an event photographer from Toronto into the daily operations of your business, your booth at a trade show, or a formal awards ceremony. Store openings, product launches, and grand openings are also great opportunities to snap pictures of your company in action. Sporting events that your company sponsors or participates in such as golf tournaments and tennis tournaments are great photo opportunities as well.

Make It Special, Record the Event With Photography

When a marketing consultant suggests event photography for your company, a well-trained Scarborough event photographer will capture the highlights of the event with the intention of portraying your business in a positive light and creating unique images for branding purposes. At a product launch, the photographer may capture customers exploring the new product and company executives presenting the new product. At a golf tournament or tennis tournament, your company's logo and banners may be captured behind celebrities attending the event.

Large corporations have been using event photography to market their businesses for years, and you can guarantee they have at least one marketing consultant on staff. For instance, if you go to the Facebook page for Pepsi, you will find behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of a new Pepsi video. The photos feature Beyonce and star director Jake Nava.

You can bet this behind-the-scenes glimpse was created by a marketing consultant smart enough to capitalize on the video's filming through event photography. The images relate Pepsi to two household names with star power around the world.

Your business may not have such superstar connections, but you can use event photography and the skills of a professional marketing consultant to brand and promote your company in the same manner.

Why Do You Need Event Photography?

As social media and online marketing become more prominent in the business world, event photography directed by a marketing consultant will also become more important. Images captured from company anniversary parties, awards ceremonies, grand openings, and sporting events bring life to websites, blogs, and social media accounts. A good marketing consultant will recognize the power that images can have when reaching out to your target market.

For example, the best way to draw attention to an upcoming fundraiser for your company is to release photos from the last fundraiser on Facebook and Pinterest. Your marketing consultant could create a basic text post to announce the fundraiser, but how many people would actually read it to understand why they should attend? Not nearly as many as would look at a fun picture that shows why they should attend.

Images take far less effort to absorb than blocks of text. Images also have more emotional power. For instance, talking about how delicious the food was at your last fundraiser is not the same as showing a picture of the main course sizzling on the plate. That image can look so good your viewers practically smell the food, and that is what will convince them to sign up for the next fundraising dinner.

You cannot invite everyone into your business events, but you can use event photography to show those events to people from around the world. The internet has made it easier than ever to release your best images to the world and let them market on your behalf. In order to take maximum advantage of event photography, you need to consult with a marketing consultant experienced with this type of marketing.

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Are you ready to show the world how amazing your company is? Do you have a trade show, product launch, store opening, or sporting event in the near future? Give Paul Cookson, marketing expert, a call and ask about his professional event photography team. Utilize this upcoming event to fuel great success for the many events to come in your future.