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Ad Army Group Marketing Services are Celebrity Web Design Pros

Do You Need Celebrity Web Design? The past few years have led millions of people to go online and start browsing for all kinds of information on their favorite celebrities. If you don't have a site dedicated to your digital profile, you may be losing fans every day. Online content is extremely motivating and powerful with celebrity web design. It's a way for users to connect to celebrities and check out their most recent news. If you are touring, selling products or just want to cultivate more of a fan base, you need a web presence that will truly shine a spotlight on you. It's also another way for you to be contacted for promotions, gigs and events.

Modern Celebrity Web Design Toronto

A social media profile can only do so much for your image. While you can post a picture and maybe include some text about yourself, it doesn't compare to the full functionality and unique qualities of celebrity web design. The top performers and sports stars have incredible web sites that show off their capabilities, talk about current projects and provide a direct communication connection to fans. Sites can be viewed on a variety of devices and provide information to business partners as well. You can provide your discography, previous work, experience, photos, products and much more through your site. Many celebrities combine their official page with a shop for fans and connect to their social media profiles.

You can do so much with a properly designed site by Ad Army Group Marketing Services. We have created incredible, modern celebrity web design for some of Canada's biggest celebrities under the direction of Paul Cookson marketing expert, and we know that we can create something spectacular that's just right for your image. There are some major benefits by choosing to create a web site for yourself:

  • Greater exposure
  • Control your own image
  • Connect to social media
  • Speak directly to fans
  • Upload the photos you want
  • Create a blog to broadcast new projects and products or events
  • Expand your image across the globe with celebrity web design
  • Promotes you 24/7

Connect More with Fans

It's hard not to notice a talented performer with a brilliant website that showcases all of the work and pictures that fans want to see. Celebrity web design Toronto services places you in center stage. You can create a blog and express your love for fans or connect via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You can publish new photos, artwork, albums and videos right from your own site. With celebrity web design, you control your fan's experience and can add as much sports, music, art, fashion and culture as you like into the design.

Optimized for Search Engines

If you want people to recognize your work and get more fans, you have to be more than searchable. Celebrity web design feature official news and blog posts that fans will be searching for. You have a platform to speak directly to your fans and control the press about you. With so many voices out there, you can use a site to celebrate your connection with fans and speak out to your audience with a personal message.

Get Signed By Being Online

Today's recruiters, managers, event marketers and promotions representatives are looking for celebrities that are Internet savvy. They want to be able to find entertainers and performers online with high quality photos, performance work and contact information. All of this is available with celebrity web design Toronto services by Ad Army Group. This makes it easier to receive endorsement deals, gig invitations, promotional campaigns, signings and movie deals. When people can look you up online, you're guaranteed to receive more attention.

Publish What You Want

The Internet is everywhere. If you want to feel as though fans and business professionals can connect with you, you need a celebrity web design that they can access from any device. You control what they see from the overall design, photos, information, profile and previous work. There are some incredibly creative sites out for Canadian celebrities like Tattoo Rescue, which was created by Ad Army Group. You can also check out professional sites for Sandra Rinomato, Vanessa Roman and Ryan O'Reilly.

The Right Impression

In today's digital age, everyone is going online to search for their favorite models, actresses, sports stars and musicians. They are finding information from all kinds of sources, and it won't always be flattering for you. With your own celebrity site by Ad Army, you can make the right impression on your fans and show a true side of yourself. Celebrity web design can provide professional information for movie directors, fashion show planners, designers, event managers and record companies while also providing a direct communication line from you to your fans. Your celebrity web design can connect to social media right from your site and post updates for Facebook and Twitter. It's all about giving the right impression of who you are from the very first moment that someone searches your name. If you don't have a site, you should think about where they will find information about you and if it's professionally portraying the image of yourself that you want.

Celebrity Sites for Sports Players

The action-packed stadiums don't compare to the traffic that you can get from professional celebrity web design. These sites are created to draw in fans and place them at your table, letting you talk directly to them and show off your best side with a modern and animated celebrity web design. People out there want to know statistics and see highlights of an athlete's best moments from their computers and mobile devices By offering fans a professional celebrity web design, you not only promote your team, but you create fans who are connected to you and want to support you.

Goals and Aspirations

If you want people to be more aware of who you are and get on the top of every search engine result for your name, you need an official celebrity site to start celebrating you. Top Canadian celebrities already have a site that talks about their most current projects and updates news as often as possible to stay connected to fans. It's important that you aspire to have a professionally designed website as well.

Celebrity web design benefits all types of performers and stars. Whether you are just starting out or have been very successful, creating a web site that is devoted to your career, goals and image can be the best thing for your future. Ad Army Group wants to help you make that future even brighter with a modern celebrity web design Toronto service that will make people want to connect with you every day.

Why Choose Ad Army Group for Celebrity Web Design?

Ad Army Group is a team of celebrity web design experts, but we don't just limit ourselves to this category. We are marketing consultants, programmers, graphic artists and big thinkers. Our team of designers has worked with of the biggest names in Canadian entertainment, and we want to create the ultimate celebrity web design experience for you and your fans with a dynamic celebrity web site. These are just a few of the celebrity and entertainment genres that we have created custom sites for.


NHL Hockey players past and present love Ad Army Group Marketing Services, and we love designing their action-packed websites. We have designed for professionals like Darryl Sittler, Eric Lindros, Darcy Tucker, Zenon Konopka and Ryan O'Reilly. For sports stars, we love to focus on high definition websites that show off the player's skills and highlights. As former Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Darryl Sittler wanted a dynamic site that showed off his Canadian roots, statistics, biography, highlights and current news. The Hall of Fame NHL player received a turnkey celebrity web site that described all of his accomplishments with stunning videos and typography.

Models and Fashion

Canadian model Monika Schnarre is one of the most recognized faces in television and fashion. Her website needed to display all of her talents in addition to captivating shots of her fashion career. As an entrepreneur, Monika also wanted a streamlined beauty shop that could be accessed online. With her own site, Monika was able to show off her portfolio, sell her latest skin care products, publish current news and even promote her charitable causes. It also gives fans a way to connect to the model. Ad Army Group has designed sites for several other models and entertainers like Tim Leyes, Hallie Anthony, Cole Hermer, Sarah J., Keith Corren and Veronika London.

Television and Entertainment Stars

Ad Army Group worked with the tattoo parlours of the show Tattoo Rescue to create flawless professional Toronto web design. Each one had their own defining personality where creatively and professional tattoo artistry came together. Sites needed a variety of high resolution image elements while also creatively profiling each of the artists from the show.

Our designers have also created celebrity websites for television hosts like Sandra Rinomato, host of Property Virgins. Sandra now has an official fan site where she posts articles, updates, pictures and links to podcasts. Her incredible personality was built into the site so that it reflects her love of design and provides everything she needs to guide fans on health and fitness, home renovations, decorating and much more.

Vanessa Roman is another famous television host from Reno vs. Relocate on HGTV Canada. As a real estate guru and one of the most entertaining real estate agents to watch, her celebrity web design had to reflect that personality and ambitious drive. Ad Army Group delivered a site that focused on her show Reno vs. Relocate, current media, public speaking events, videos and print articles. She was able to show off her biography while also providing some incredible for her fans of the show.

Professional Marketing and Celebrity Web Design Toronto Services

Web design is only the first step to creating a dynamic web presence. Even sites with high definition visuals and incredible functionality can't compete without marketing. Ad Army Group includes marketing to take your business level up a notch. We want all of our clients to be more visible. By optimizing your site for Google and other search engines, you'll get tons of traffic with celebrity web design, more sales for products and more recognition for current projects.

Call Ad Army Group Marketing Services today to speak with a marketing and celebrity web design representative. We'll work with you to create a responsive web site that connects you with all of your fans and places you in the driver's seat. Control your image, sell your products and get signed to more deals just by having a professional web site by Paul Cookson and his web design team.