Surrogate Advertising

Surrogate advertising by the ad agency Toronto is a concept that embeds the product or brand in the ad jingle or feed but uses other products within the brand name. In various countries around the world the need to advertise certain products that are banned by law by creating a sideline using the logo for other products endorsed by the company are campaigned. For example – in India – advertising spends on liquor is banned and using the brand name for perhaps a concert or water creates hype. The public know what is being advertised, but the actual use of the product (liquor) is not publicized. The ad agency Toronto uses the name of the product for various launches without actually endorsing the product. In plain speak, one of the reasons using this form of advertising is to side track the issue but utilizing the name of the brand effectively so that the name remains in the minds of the people by effective methods by the ad agency Toronto. In your face campaigns endorsing the actual product for countries that do away with this is worked around and hence the need for surrogate advertising.

Using effective methods by creating brand recall and brand awareness, the ad agency Toronto buffs up the ante through social campaigns. Product launches, marathon meets, creating awareness about deadly illnesses, water saving means, conserving energy and many more methods are adopted using the name of the brand without actually endorsing the product. This is a very effective method whereby the companies who produce or manufacture the products do not stand to lose out on their hard driven work and money. This provides a win: win for both the ad agency Toronto and the company.

Sponsorship through surrogate advertising is also a keen concept that is being adopted by many companies through their affiliate campaigns.

We may even recall how a beer brand or hard liquor even cigarettes bring about awareness to quell the growing use of plastic created by the ad agency Toronto. While many may scoff at this, it makes for good publicity in the long run and working in tandem to eradicate the menace has a more positive effect in the minds of the general populace. So the means justify – long term by the ad agency Toronto.

Fashion shows, talent contests, celebrity lifestyle trends, award functions, etc. creates a mass following. Everyone wants to be there and get noticed. But what goes into the buildup of the brand or show is a keen sense of advertising, strategy and hype. How does this get done is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. But the effective campaign utilized by big spenders and the creative genius of the ad agency Toronto can take a bow, because they captioned the concept and it is here to stay. Effective, in your face, strategically created, implemented with brand loyalty and awareness in mind, top of the line marketing and publicity campaigns, catchy tunes and cashing in on the minds of the youth or older demographic. Event management firms kick in as well doing their bit together with the ad agency Toronto. They work together to create a funky element in the theme and brainstorm about various factors. At the end of the entire exercise if the client is pleased, the ad agency Toronto, publicity giants and event management firms are happy as well.